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Born out of MIT, Genasun designs the most advanced MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and Marine Lithium Battery Systems available commercially. Genasun has Power + Efficiency + Reliability down to a science. Check out our online store

Solar Charge Controllers.

Turbocharge every panel with Genasun Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking (C-MPPT). Our MPPT solar charge controllers adapt to changing light conditions 1,200 times faster than standard MPPT controllers, ensuring that you collect every bit of energy that hits your solar panel. This increase in year-round power lowers your cost per watt and allows you to use smaller solar panels. With industry leading reliability and power, why buy a bigger panel when you can save money with a more efficient controller?

Lithium Battery Systems

Keep ALL your electronics running longer with Genasun Marine Lithium Batteries. With the ability to cycle 3000 times at 70% Depth of Discharge (DOD), Genasun Lithium Batteries are 70% lighter, 20% more efficient, and lasts six times as long as marine lead-acid or AGM batteries. Drawing on nine years of lithium experience, Genasun’s third-generation Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries set the benchmark for weight, power, safety, and efficiency. It’s no wonder they’re the top choice of elite racing teams like Telefonica.

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