The GI-2590 is the lightest, most efficient solar charge controller available for the dismounted warfighter. Easy to use, this plug & play controller provides the fastest possible charging in all lighting conditions. More importantly, this efficient black box has virtually unlimited standby time. Leave it plugged in for a year, always on, and it will only drain 8% of the battery BB-2590/U. (Typical controllers drain the BB-2590/U in 2-3 weeks.)

  • Half the weight of comparable controllers. (235g)
  • Robust. Unlimited Operational Hours at high temperatures.
  • Faster charging. Highest peak efficiency, 99.85%
  • Always on Target. Continuously adapts to changing light 20 times per second.
  • Charges in Low Light, when other controllers are off. Charge from as little as 0.05W.

GS Part Number GI-2590
Solar Input 1 to 70W
Max Input Voltage 27 V
Rated Output 5A
Charge rate per string 3A
Battery BB-2590, BB-2590/U
Charging Speed (BB-2590/U) 4.7 hrs (Good sun)
MPPT tracking speed 20Hz
Self-Consumption 0.125 mA
Operating Temp -40C to 85C
Storage Temp. -50C to 85C
Humidity 95%
Peak Efficiency 99.85%
Weight 0.5 Lbs
Construction Solid State Ceramic
Warranty 1 Year