Genasun makes über advanced MPPT Solar Charge controllers that provide the power you need when you need it most. Using advanced circuit design and construction methods honed at MIT, then refined by deployment in the harshest earthly conditions, Genasun provides the most reliable and efficient power management systems available.

We provide reliable, efficient controllers in remote power applications for:

Marine • Telecom • RV • Farming • Oil & Gas • In-City Applications • Traffic Enforcement • Parking Pay Stations • Precision Scientific Equipment • Academic Research • Military • Parks & Recreation • Remote Off-Grid


Capture More Power

Improve your panel’s performance and lower your cost per watt with a Genasun GV-Series ultra
high-speed MPPT controller. Because clouds move quickly, the Maximum Power Point of your panel changes in seconds. While other MPPT solar controllers adjust once per minute, Genasun Continuous MPPT adapts immediately – 15 times per second. Keeping up with changing cloud cover provides more power when you need it most.
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