The DARPA Pack

Designed for engine starting, this ultra-light pack features Genasun’s most advanced power management system. The integrated micro-BMS provides complete cell-level balancing, monitoring, and conditioning in a miniature package. The gem of the system is the new ceramic solid state switch. State-of-the-art relays draw 1.7W, weigh 435g, and are prone to vibration-based interruptions and cyclic use failures. Genasun’s new ceramic solid state switch has no moving parts, can control 400A, draws a scant 0.002W, and weighs 35g. More impressively, this little marvel has short-circuit protection that can disconnect loads faster than any mechanical circuit breaker or fuse. It’s so fast, in-line fuses don’t blow. The switch then pulses a test current. Once the short has been repaired, the system automatically recovers and restores power. It’s that easy. Specifically designed to reduce the support burden on the warfighter.

The Power Box

Genasun’s GVP-15 “Power Box” is a complete power management solution for precision equipment operating in harsh environments. Constructed with cold-rated ceramic components, the operating temperature range and life expectancy exceed all other solar charge controllers. Equally important, the Power Box has an extremely low self-consumption, making it perfect for long polar winters, and its low electrical noise and auxiliary regulated output eliminate interference with sensitive electronics.

The GI-2590

The GI-2590 is the fastest, lightest, most efficient solar charge controller available for the dismounted warfighter. Easy to use, this plug & play controller provides the fastest possible charging in all lighting conditions. More importantly, this efficient black box has virtually unlimited standby time. Leave it plugged in for a year, always on, and it will only drain 8% of the BB-2590/U. (Typical charge controllers drain the BB-2590/U in 2-4 weeks.)

  • Half the weight of comparable controllers. (235g)
  • Robust. Unlimited Operational Hours at high temperatures.
  • Faster charging. Highest peak efficiency, 99.85%
  • Always on Target. Continuously adapts to changing light 20 times per second.
  • Charges in Low Light, when other controllers are off. Charge from as little as 0.05W.

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